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Students of the Month

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The Student of the Month honor at the Kendall Elementary School is awarded
to students who consistently demonstrate the character trait of the month. Congratulations to the following students who demonstrated outstanding:

  • Responsibility in September: Grades K-6, front row, from left, Andrew D’Agostino, Adriana D’Agostino, Brooke Miller, Leah Brundage, Parker Denning and Dakota Roper. Middle row, from left, Hanna Pratt, Brandon Barrett, Brody Danesi, Sacha Brice, Mikenna Nolan-Hilfiger, Emma Minster and Andrea Reyes-Garcia. Back row, from left, Adareli Contreras-Solis, Ava LaMay, Sophia Barnard-DeCann, Cooper Hughes, Joshua Esposito, Makaila Abrams, Alayna Keirn, Jacob Fleming and Isabella Faulks.
  • Respect in October:
  • Citizenship in November:
  • Open-mindedness in December:
  • Self-reliance in January:
  • Caring in February:
  • Fairness in March:
  • Honesty in April:
  • Trustworthiness in May: