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Students of the Month

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September Students of the Month

The Student of the Month honor at the Kendall Elementary School is awarded
to students who consistently demonstrate the character trait of the month. Congratulations to the following students who demonstrated outstanding:

  • Responsibility in September: Front row, from left, Sarah Meyer, Kenny Melvin, Emily Brundage, Keara Reed, Olivia Sawyer, Brynn Hardenbrook, Kaylie Bunn, Kayla Dodson, Addison Manchester, Audrey Studeman and Andrew D’Agostino. Back row, from left, Camryn Collins, Noah Clark, Erin Bills, Ava Quintern, Ava LaMay, Sara Alton, Nicholas Cole, Gabe Loran, Morgan Bakutis and Mary Jones.
  • Respect in October: Front row, from left, Adrianna Schiavone, Tanner Holliman, Colton Werth, Ella Cole, Samuel Charland, Isabella Faulks and Sammy Conte. Middle row, from left, Sarah Laitenberger, Preston Manner, Brenden Eichas, Hayden Keiffer, Lily Chatfield, Jonathan Esposito and Jonny Conte. Back row, from left, Jared Neff, Lucas Jones, Isabella Goodrich, Savannah Holzshuh, Leann Clay, Madison Shonitsky, Tori Conner and Elizabeth Randall.
  • Citizenship in November: Front row, from left, Oliver Stoffa, Daniel Laitenberger, Landon Hagmier, Makayla Bentley, Payton Vogt, Teagan Shaw, Addison Kludt, Jim Tobin, Brady Werth, Sacha Brice, Vinnie D’Agostino and Baylee Strapp. Back row, from left, Cody Johnstone, Robert Henry, Michael Hallowell, Nate Smith, Megan Gates, Callie Allen, Taigan Guerrero, Devin Edick and Zachary Barrett.
  • Open-mindedness in December: Front row, from left, Tristan Munnings, Hanna Pratt, Chase Wright, Paul Hardenbrook and Kourtney Marion. Middle row, from left, Renea Ault, Romeo Botello, Ethan Hardenbrook, CJ D’Agostino, Christopher Alton, Michael Leasure, Dominic Dellaquila and Mikenna Nolan Hilfiger. Back row, from left, Louis Conte, Somer Baker, Lana Strapp, Makaila Abrams, Evan Levett, Tyana Burroughs, Caitlin Chatfield and Ehlaw Chaw. Missing from photo: Vitali Gunda and Katelynn Scholes.
  • Self-reliance in January: Front row, from left, Izzy D’Agostino, Elli Baker, Alayna Keirn, Isabella Murray, Zachary Eichas and Kayla Minster. Middle row, from left, Tyler Davenport, Emma Minster, Sophia Picardo, Alivia May, Alea Barrett, Brooke Rodas and Benjamin Brundage. Back row, from left, Hunter Richards, Sadie Kinser, Stephen Elliott, Hannah Brundage, Colby Hughes, Aidan Preston and Cortlandt Fowler. Missing from photo: Aubreye Haskins.
  • Caring in February: Front row, from left, Lacey Baker, Austin Wakefield, Krysta Laitenberger, Sofia Skeps, Carter Cook, Cooper Hughes, Lillian Ault, Ella Mitchell and Elijah Davenport. Middle row, from left, Aidan Kwiatkowski, Brody Danesi, Eduardo Cardenas-Gonzalez, Bridget Lavacca, Morgan Bidwell, Layla Reis and Celeste Wardhaugh. Back row, from left, Chelsea Wissinger, Alayna Steffen, Elizabeth Pratt, Cameron Faulks and Arianna Lissow. Missing from photo: Owen Hirshman.
  • Fairness in March: Front row, from left, Madison Hults, Mitchell Buzard, Nathan Elliott, Owen Collyer, Teagan Shaw, Kearstin Loescher, Nat Charland and Carson Cody. Middle row, from left, Karter May, Lucas Barrett, Gianni Schaeffer, Emma O’Neill, Jena Crowe, William Kludt and Robert Henry. Back row, from left, Alliya Bills, Nora Draper, Angelina Aquirre, Adareli Contreras-Solis and Hunter Conner. Missing from photo: Hanna Broskin.
  • Honesty in April: Front row, from left, Timothy Michaels, James (LJ) Kirstein, Novalee Johncox, Phillip Newbould III, Ayva Wright, Zachary Draper, Blake Burris and Thomas Rice. Middle row, from left, Ivy Kolinsky, Adalia Botello, Joey Fagan, Isaac MacNeill, Tyler McCue, Nicholas Baxter and Kathryn Alt. Back row, from left, Amber Harrier, Alex Diaz, Abrielle Schuler, Riannon Newbould, Caleb Schneider, Alberto (AJ) Chavez and Riley Robinson.
  • Trustworthiness in May: Front row, from left, Addison Armstrong, Riley Kinser, Kendall Newbould, Gage Kimmel, Brianna Bard, Cadence Pruner, Andrew Cole, Kayla Dodson and Paetyn Williams. Back row, from left, Wyatt Studeman, Sophia Barnard-DeCann, Meghan Snyder, Erin Lincoln, Jacek Kwiatkowski, Jimmie Swift, Lacey Reis, Irelynn Maloney, Regan VanDusen, Lauren Pilon, Toby Passer and Jonathan Reyes-Garcia. Missing from photo: Brenton Hardenbrook.


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