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Kendall Central School

Fall GRAA All-Star athletes - click for larger image (1202)

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Fall GRAA All-Stars

Kendall Central Schools offers many different athletic teams, from the modified level through varsity, to all students. Please visit the links at left to find out more information.

Congratulations to the Fall GRAA All-Stars!

Note change in policy: Smoking is prohibited on all school grounds. This includes e-cigarettes, in compliance with NYS law, effective July 25, 2017.

Note: KCS Policy strictly forbids animals on school grounds unless they are service animals.

Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Positive

New York State Public High School Athletic Association supports and encourages spectators to enjoy the competition of our student athletes and cheer for their teams in a positive manner. Negative comments and behavior will be addressed by the appropriate site personnel. Spectators should Be Loud, Be Proud, and Be Positive toward all players, coaches, officials, and spectators. Thank you for your support and enjoy the game.

Athletic Director: Kevin Watson (585) 659-8963 or