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Coaching Certification

Coaching Requirements
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Coaching Eligibility Program

This three component program has been operating since 1976 to meet state requirements for coaching assignments held by individuals who are either uncertified or certified in areas other than physical education. These components run consecutively throughout the school year. Each component meets at Gates Chili High School, located at 910 Wegman Rd. (1 Spartan Way), Rochester, NY 14624. Each of the three components has the approval of the New York State Education Department and is coordinated by Samuel Utter, Retired Athletic Director for Gates Chili and the former President of the NYS HEPERD Association.

School Violence Prevention and Intervention Workshop (SAVE)
Workshop can be completed online at any one of these sites:

Child Abuse Detection Workshop
Workshop can be completed at any one of these sites: (which is free)

For more information on openings in the coaching staff at Kendall, visit the Job Opportunities page for more information.

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