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Health Office

Elementary School Nurse
Margie Lapp
Phone: 659-8920
Fax: 659-8945 or 659-8940
Junior/Senior High School Nurse
Bethanie Mason

Phone: 659-8958
Fax: 659-8988

Kendall's Attendance Policy

Please call the school if your child will not be in school. If we have not received a call, the nurse has been instructed to call your home phone number first and then the mother or father's work number to verify that your child is sick. Upon return to school, please send in a written excuse. You do not need to call every day if you tell the nurse that your son or daughter will be out multiple days.

Please try to give us advanced notice of appointments, religious obligations or other absences if at all possible.

Our main concern is for your child's health and safety. Our goal is to insure that both the school and the parents know where children are at all times. If you have any questions regarding the attendance policy, feel free to contact either of our offices.

Thank you,

Heather Eysaman, Elementary School Principal 659-8317  

Kevin Watson, Middle Level Principal 659-8963

Carol D'Agostino, High School Principal 659-2706 

Reasons to Keep Your Child Home

  • Temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher
  • Vomiting or diarrhea (due to illness) in the last 24 hours
  • Chickenpox or other contagious rashes
  • Step Throat ~ Child must be on antibiotics for a full 24 hours and feeling better before returning to school
  • Live lice - please let us know if you find lice or eggs (nits) in your child’s hair so we can help you get rid of them ASAP

Important Information

  • If your child is absent or going to be late for any reason, PLEASE call the nurse's office before school begins. Leave a message if no one answers.
  • Emergency Contact Information - please provide numbers for your home, work, pagers, cell phones and at least two other emergency contacts. Remember to update us if any of the information changes throughout the year.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Miss Mason, RN ~ Mrs. Lapp, RN

Feel free to call us if you have any questions.