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Medication at School

In accordance with New York State Department of Education regulations, medication may be administered to your child during the school day if the following are complied with:

  1. Written order from student's doctor.
  2. Written request from parent to administer medicine on form supplied by school.
  3. Parent must deliver medicine directly to the school nurse.
  4. School nurse will keep medicine in a locked drawer or file. Unused medication will be destroyed at the conclusion of the treatment if parent does not pick it up.
  5. Parent must report any change of time or amount of dosage.
  6. Medication must be in original prescription bottle with druggist label and directions affixed to the bottle.
  7. Self medication by the student is not permitted.


Thanks to donations from the Kendall Lion's Club, the District reminds parents that KCS has nebulizers in the Elementary School and Junior/Senior High School for students with such medical needs. For more information call the school nurse.

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