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Perfect Attendance Award

The Perfect Attendance Award for the Elementary School is changing, effective Monday, September 15, 2008. The Perfect Attendance Award will be given only to those students who have perfect attendance—no absences, no tardies, no early dismissals for any reason. Outstanding Attendance Awards will be given to those students with one absence, one tardy or one early dismissal for any reason. The school day is considered to be from 9 am (in class) until 3:30 pm.

In order to encourage excellent attendance, the Perfect Attendance and Outstanding Attendance Awards (certificates) will be given each academic quarter as well as at the end of the school year!

As before, "excused" absences are those for illness, doctor/dentist appointments, death in the family and religious observances. All other absences are considered "unexcused." Also as before, if your child is going to be late or absent, please call 659-8920 any time day or night and leave a message for the school nurse with your child's name and reason for missing school.

Any questions, please call the Elementary Principal at 659-8317.