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Bus Garage Phone Number: 585-659-8931 (Kevin Murray)

Bus Garage Fax Number: 585-659-8981

District Office: 585-659-2741

Transportation Policy

New York State Education Law obligates the District to transport students to and from their residence in accordance with defined limits. However, we understand that the babysitter's residence becomes the school bus stop for many of our students. Kendall will, therefore, honor on an annual basis, requests for transportation to and/or from a point other than the family residence. Requests are honored one time only. The District and parents are obligated to the agreement for the entire school year. The District will not adjust a student's bus assignment after the beginning of the school year unless there is a change in residence. This determination is based on the District's requirement to ensure safe and secure transportation for every student. Emergency or extenuating circumstances shall be handled through the respective building principals. The District is prohibited from transporting students to after school activities, such as scouts, 4-H, dance class, music lessons, or to a friend's home. Requests of this nature are not considered "emergencies" and will not be honored by the District. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide transportation to and from these non-school related activities.

If you want the bus to pick up or drop off your child at a residence other than your own home, or if a parent/guardian will drop off and/or pick up the child on a routine basis, you must fill out a transportation form each year.

Forms can be obtained at the Elementary School and High School Offices or by clicking the link below. Information cannot be accepted over the phone. For more information, please contact the Elementary School Office at 659-8317. If you have any questions, please call the Elementary Office at 659-8317.

Seatbelt Policy
As part of our ongoing commitment to safety, each student is required to wear a seat belt while riding any KCS school bus. Student and parent cooperation with this safety first expectation is appreciated.

The Fall 2016 Bus Schedule is posted below.

WHAT TO DO IF … your child's bus does not get home in the afternoon at the usual time?

With the challenges that weather often brings to this area - snow, ice, sleet and fog - bus drivers must slow down, which means they may arrive later in the afternoon. They may have mechanical problems at times as well. Please be understanding and patient in these situations, which usually cause only a 10- to 20-minute delay. However, if there is a 30-minute or more delay, and your child's bus has not yet arrived, please call the Bus Garage at 659-8317. Thank you!

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