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Welcome to the Junior/Senior High School Library

Librarian: Alicia Charland

Library Aide: Stacy Lynaugh

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Current Class Libguide, 7th Grade Science: Plant cell diagram -Ms. Warren's science class 

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      U.S. History in Context

U.S. History Collection



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   Modern World History
   World History in Context  

Newsbank (Current Events)


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   New Book of Popular Science
   Science in Context
   Today's Science


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   Opposing ViewPoints in Context
   Issues and Controversies


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   Axis 360
   Cavendish Square
   Ebook Central
  Gale eBooks (GVRL) 
   Mitchell Lane

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  Career Cruising
   Noodle Tools

   Vocations and Careers






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   Fine Arts & Music Collection
   Pop Culture Collection


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   Democrat & Chronicle (Past week)


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   Arbordale eBooks
   Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre  

   Britannica Escolar Secundaria

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   eBrary (email)

   A Book and A Hug

  (Independent Reading Survey)







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   FOF Health Reference Center
   Health Reference Center Acadmic

   News Articles through Newsbank







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   Biography in Context
   BOCES Media Portal

   General OneFile
   Academic OneFile
   Kids InfoBits
   New Book of Knowledge
   Research in Context
World Book

   Britannica Middle School

   Britannica High School

   Britannica Academic