Kendall's Philosophy

Kendall contracts with the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES for excellent special education programs and related services. Kendall students take advantage of the educational opportunities at The College at Brockport as well as other educational and cultural activities in the Greater Rochester area.

Kendall Central School District takes pride in being small because we believe we can meet needs of students, staff, parents, and community in a personal way.

Kendall Central School's Philosophy:

  • To develop in students an enthusiasm for learning as a lifetime process.
  • To develop in students the mastery of reading, writing, mathematics, communication, reasoning and technology.
  • To provide students with educational opportunities and experiences in the fine arts, practical arts and student activities.
  • To foster in students a positive self-image and sense of pride.
  • To develop in students a sense of responsibility and respect for self and others.
  • To instill in students values which are essential to individual dignity and consistent with the ideals of our society.
  • All of which shall assist each child in adapting to a full, productive and contributing life in society.
  • The fulfillment of this philosophy is the responsibility of the students, their parents and the community as well as that of the school system.

Approved Revised Version on 4/11/06 by the Board of Education