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Emergency Plans

Emergency Plans

Dear Parents/Guardians:

For many years we have had emergency plans to address traditional crises and emergencies, such as school fires, accidents, and natural disasters. We have added to our plans to accommodate for biological, radiological, chemical and other potential terrorist activities, In planning for all emergencies, we rely heavily on all levels of government and community safety agencies, such as the Office of Emergency Preparedness and the New York State Education Department.

Emergencies Outside the School Day 
In the event of an emergency, federal, state, local government or I may decide to close schools before we are in session. These announcements would be make through our emergency contact system (ConnectEd), the news media, and would be on local radio and television stations.

Emergencies During the School Day
In the event of an emergency, I will determine whether to evacuate our staff and students immediately or shelter (lock down) our schools. In both evacuation and sheltering procedures, communication and cooperation are essential.

Emergency Closings When School is in Session
A ConnectEd message will be sent to all numbers listed in our Student Management System, please:

  1. Listen to the radio.
  2. Do not call school.
  3. If there are special child care arrangements that need to be made, plan now and write a note explaining these arrangements to the Elementary or High School Principal.
  4. Make sure your children can get in the house.

An evacuation could mean a transfer of students and staff from a location on campus to another location on/off campus. I would determine whether to evacuate, and if so, the extent and destination based on the circumstances of the emergency and direction from emergency officials.

Cooperation is Essential
In the event of an emergency, the District would communicate with the public through our ConnectEd system, television and radio announcements. The media would relay the timeline for an early dismissal, the location for a school evacuation, and/or a notice of our plan to stay in place. If needed, our fleet of buses would transport all students from the school to home, or to another location as directed by our government agencies.

How Parents Can Be Informed and Help During an Emergency
In the event of an emergency, the roadways of the School District must be open for emergency vehicles and bus evacuations. It is important that parents not rush to the school to pick up their children. It is also important that parents not call the school offices and tie up phone lines needed for communications during the emergency response. In either an evacuation or lock down, too many people on campus could hinder our ability to respond appropriately. To obtain specific information regarding the District's response to an emergency, tune in to local TV and radio stations and/or check the District's website.

Families should have their own “emergency plan”
In case of an evacuation, parents should be sure children know what to do. Can they enter the home? Do they know of another place they can go? Children should know how to contact their parents if they are not home. Please be sure that emergency contact and caregiver information on file at school is current. If your child is administered medication at school, be sure that you have an adequate supply in the Nurse's Office.

We are committed to doing all we can to ensure safety in our schools and to keeping you updated about any new developments.

Kendall Central School Superintendent