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Sex Offender Notification

The Kendall Central School District takes the following procedures regarding level III, II and I sex offenders.

Level III Offender: The District will send home written notification when a police agency notifies the District that a level III offender has moved into the area.

Level II Offender: The District posts all level II offenders in the main office areas.

Level I Offender: The District is not notified of level I offenders who have moved into the area unless the local police department provides this information.

Please visit the Sex Offender registration website for more information: Search on zip codes 14477, 14411, 14420, 14464, 14470, 14476 and 14508 that are within our district. You can sign up through this website to be notified by email or text when a sex offender moves into your area.

If you have questions or concerns, please notify the Superintendent in the District Office at 659-2741.